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The Walk is All About the Dog

A dog can be a great therapist, especially during a walk. You can tell your dog about the frustrations at work, the people you’ve met, the projects you’ve worked on that day - and your dog will never interrupt you, or even change the subject. Take some treats with you. Talk to your dog, and you have a connection. Walk to a field, if there’s one nearby. Jog around, rub his ears, scratch his belly. The walk is all about your dog.

I see so many people walking through my neighborhood, dog 15 feet ahead, pulling on a flexi-lead, and the owner staring at the phone - so disconnected from each other. It makes me sad. It’s like the human is only doing this because he has to.

Be an active member of the walk, and watch where your dogs sniff and relieve themselves. It’s important. Cheer for every pee and poop. Your dog will notice. (Your neighbors might too, but who cares…) Give your dog a treat for looking at you, or coming back to your side. Have fun, stay connected, and be generous with your treats, and your dog will start to enjoy not just the walks - but walking with YOU.

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