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Late Night, Chilly Walks

It’s Dark. I’m Tired. It’s Cold.

During the winter, it’s dark when most people get home from work. Life seems more stressful, you spend part of the evening watching TV, or on the computer falling into the social media hole, and time slips by. There’s not enough time or energy to walk the dog, but you have a big fenced-in backyard, and that will do for now.

But dogs are creatures of habit. They love their walks - getting a chance to sniff, and see what’s changed in the neighborhood. Other dogs bark at them from behind windows, maybe they see some clandestine cats or goofy squirrels… It’s all local news to them. Sniffing the neighborhood is like reading the newspaper, checking social media, and the comics all in one big walk! 

Of course, being out in the yard is exercise. They can run around, potty, and bark at anything new on the other side of the fence. But basically, it’s the same thing every day. They might not consciously wonder what’s going on down the street, but they feel like something is different. Something is missing…your stress has kinda become their stress.

Dogs also miss that attention they get during a walk, when you tell them about how your day went, the traffic you hit coming home, and that one funny thing that happened after lunch. They might not seem to be listening, but they are. They might seem a little distracted, but they hear you and they feel the connection - and the attention.

When dogs don’t get that attention, when it’s dark, they’re bored, and you’re too tired to walk them, they will find ways to get your attention. It might be negative attention, but it will do for now! Like stealing your socks, begging at the table, barking at nothing, counter surfing… Maybe they poop on your bedroom floor, and leave the stuffed toy donkey next to the pile, as if you’re going to believe the donkey did it (yeah, perhaps I’m speaking from experience…).

It’s cold, it’s dark, it’s night time. Turn off the TV and go on a late night chilly-walk. You’ll feel so much better after getting the exercise, and your little buddy will appreciate it so much!

Dress warm, wear gloves, a hat, and maybe put a sweater on your dog. Take a doggo-selfie picture during your walk, and post it on your Facebook page. Tag The Clever Dog dog training, and we’ll have a Chilly-Walk Photo contest.

Winner gets a prize!

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1 Comment

Great article John. Caly and I walk regularly and regardless of the weather. Daral

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