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What Our Clients Are Saying

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John has been great to work with. He is a wealth of information and eager to share his knowledge. He is patient and encouraging.


John made training fun. I highly recommend him. The dogs love him too! Thank you, John!

- Amei and Noah

     Our family was excited to connect with John, and receive his expertise on how to train our puppy Noel. Though Noel is adorable, we were overwhelmed with where to begin with all the we needed to complete, to have her behave in our family.

     We loved that the training took place in our home, and Noel caught on in minutes with John's gentle but consistent cues. He  provided us with weekly homework that was doable to practice the commands and be ready for the upcoming lesson.

     I highly recommend The Clever Dog training to help your dog to become a calm, listening member of your family. 

-  Paula

2 - Harrison  John_edited.jpg

We have been working with The Clever Dog for a few months and the difference in our dog is tremendous.


John is very good about incremental work and working with us on how we reinforce behaviors between sessions. Our dog loves him!

-  John

     If you are looking for a knowledgeable and patient dog trainer, look no further than The Clever Dog! I adopted my dog Millie when she was almost a year old. I don't know much about her past, but I do know she's highly reactive of everything.

     John has been so patient with Millie and his positive training techniques have worked wonders for her in just a few weeks. They're easy to work into a daily routine so even with a busy schedule it's possible work on training in short sessions several times every day.

     John has made effective training both fun and stress free for me and Millie. 

-  Tai

4 - Lulu - Mike_edited.jpg

     John helped Lulu, our 9-month-old Pomeranian Border Collie mix, quickly learn all kinds of commands: Touch, Watch, Sit, Down, Leave It, and more. Lulu walks much better on the leash now.

     John was focused, kind, upbeat, and always trained with a happy, positive, enthusiastic attitude toward Lulu. She had a very positive feeling towards John, and was always happy to learn with him. He gave us very clear instructions and techniques, and was patient with us and Lulu.

     We’re really glad we met John, and we’re very pleased with the quality of his training, and we definitely recommend The Clever Dog Training to others.

-  Mike

John is very kind and patient. He has helped us work with Rique on obedience and recall. Most importantly He is helping Rique overcome his anxiety associated with doors and steps.


- Amy

6 - Louie  Daniel.jpg

John is great. He is teaching me, teaching my dog and giving us both confidence. Our poodle puppy responded to John instantly. Well worth the time and investment. Train them right and you’ll both be happy in the long run.


- Daniel

     John’s been helping us work with our puppy on some basic behaviors. Before John we had a very smart dog who frustrated us at times. 


    Since we started working with John we’ve learned how to teach our Piper what we are asking without stress with positive reinforcement. She listens and responds.

     Best of all she’s learning and having fun. To her it’s a game. John is amazing. The results speak volumes. We highly recommend The Clever Dog

- Stephen

7 -Piper  Stephen.jpg
8 - BellaGina.JPG

     My dog Bella is leash reactive and I just couldn't quell her anxiety when passing dogs and people, mostly men. John has been so wonderful and patient with us both. He has games and techniques that have started paying off after only 3 session!

     Bella enjoys the games and the mental stimulation. He has all kinds of ideas to help with fear of getting into a car or riding in a car. I appreciate that he writes down everything we do in our sessions so I can review and practice . He always has good treats, too!

     I look forward to working together to help Bella be a happy and well mannered pup. The journey continues... I highly recommend John and his positive approach to dog training.   


- Virginia

I would highly recommend John for your training needs. He is friendly, polite, respectful, and knowledgeable.


He assessed the need of our dog and was able to create a comprehensive plan to help with her separation anxiety.


Throughout the process, he remained patient and praised my dog with positive reinforcement!


- Erica

10 - BettyJudith walk .jpg

100% wonderful! I have no hesitation in recommending John and The Clever Dog for your dog training needs.


I have tried unsuccessfully with other trainers to help my dog with her difficult behaviors in the past.


John is the first trainer to make a difference. Betty has respectfully adopted him into her pack as her uncle John.


- Judith

John is patient with both dog AND owner.


He helped me to teach my Jazzy to how to stay calm and not bark as much when someone comes to the door or walks by with their pet.


John also has a wicked sense of humor.


- Nina

11 - Jazzy Nina_n_edited.jpg
12 - Pepper  Moores 2_edited.jpg

Had first training session today with Pepper, our Australian Shepherd.


John gave me some great training techniques to use when walking Pepper especially when seeing other dogs, cars and people. Looking forward to more training.


- Gina

Our experience with John and the Clever Dog Training was excellent.


He was able to help with help us with our then 2 year old Lab/Collie mix rescue Jake.


He helped us with fun and easy training techniques.


- Joe

14 - Ozzie  Patty_edited.jpg

John is the Dog Whisperer. My dog Ozzie is very selective with his affections and doesn't really love meeting new people.


John was very patient, kind and gentle with both me and my dog. It didn't take long for Ozzie to warm up to him.

In our sessions, we learned how to walk on a leash with no pulling and not to react to other people/dogs. John made the "lessons" more like game time, which my dog and I really enjoyed.

- Patricia

John was truly a life saver for us. Our year old Moonshine was picked up off the streets in North Carolina and evidently had adapted to fending for himself. He was afraid, defensive and much more than we could handle. In all that Moonshine was, there was a sweetness that caused us to be in love with him. 

John taught not only Moonshine, but he also taught us. John’s calm and patient demeanor was exactly what all of us needed. Based on the needs we shared, John focused on one goal at a time.

We grew in confidence while our dog grew in trust and the desire to please and behave well. Long story short— we’ve recommended John repeatedly and will continue to do so. One cannot go wrong with his guidance and skills.

- Danese

15 - MoonshineDanese.jpg
16 - Zion  Tara.jpg

I worked with John with both of my Rhodesian Ridgebacks. I am so glad we found him to help me become a more confident leader for both our male and female. Both of my dogs have completely different personalities and John gets that! Before John, I had a pretty bad experience with a trainer with my male dog, Zion, and I had a little bit of fear in terms of finding a new trainer.


Training Ridgebacks is not for the faint of heart! They are smart and sometimes very strong-willed. Other trainers judged my dog’s behavior without understanding him and John never judged him at all! He can see right through to the sweet, smart, funny dog inside.

John understands how to “speak dog” and he basically trained both me and Zion to work together better. He helped me create a connection with our boy, so that I can confidently walk him without him pulling me down the street.  

Our female, Acadia, (opposite of Zion) needed a different type of training to come out of her scared shell, since she was a rescue. John adapts to the needs of each dog and home situation and offers very personalized training services. Thanks, John, for working with us! 


- Tara

John has literally saved my life with his expert, kind, positive training. I have worked 4 different dogs with John and he is an incredible man. Quickly figures out what works with you and your dog! Everything is positive, no negative treatment of dog or human! Lol


People and dogs realty excel with his guidance (Btw, John trained me for getting 4 titles on my GSD while in and out of ER for years.!!!!!) I truly recommend John to anyone and stand by his training standards 110#! Forget anyone trainers and go with John!


- Jill

17 - Jill_edited.jpg

This is my 75lb, 1.5 y/o Shiba mix, Tito! He’s the most lovable boy who doesn’t realize how big and strong he is. After a month of classes with John, he’s so much more focused (and will do anything for a treat!).


John is an amazing trainer - so patient and positive! I learned so much about Tito in our sessions together. Look no further for amazing dog training with John - you won’t believe the difference! Thank you, John!


- Angie

I can confidently recommend John to anyone looking for help training their pup!


He is incredibly patient and worked with us to train our dog on commands that were specific to us and our issues. Above that, our dog LOVES him!


It was so much fun to watch Jasper learn and be so eager to show us what a good boy he could be! If you’ve been considering training, look no further! You’ve found the best!


- Rachel

19 - Jasperrachel.jpg
20 - TraceMeredith.jpg

Clever dog training was great for both our black lab mix and our son. John was able to find a time to meet with us weekly that worked with our schedules. Having the training at our house gave my family more flexibility and John was prompt and stuck to our prearranged meeting time-barring emergencies or known conflicts, of course, which he communicated effectively.


John is always prepared and shared many of his personal training tools and supplies with our family and our dog including a summary of the days lessons for future practice. John not only worked well with our dog Trace, but also was a great teacher to our 13 year old son, who enjoyed learning and participating in the trainings.


I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to anyone and feel The Clever Dog Dog Training is perfect for those looking for competitive pricing in the comfort of your own home including personalized lessons from someone who truly cares about your pet. We had an amazing experience!


-  Meredith

John was incredibly helpful with my dog Pinky and her “ lifeguard” needs by the pool!


Thank you John!


- Lauren

21 - Pinky  Lauren.jpeg

I'm a first time dog owner with a very energetic Golden doodle. I had no idea how to start training him.


A friend recommended John and I'm so glad he did. He made an instant connection and was so in tune with what Murphy needed.


After a few sessions, I had a much better relationship with my puppy. John is truly a dog whisperer!


- Janet

John was a positive, thoughtful, and patient trainer.


We couldn’t be more happy with the progress our pup made after working with him!


- Corryn

23 - EveCorryn.JPG
24 - RoryKathy.jpeg

My 3 y.o. male GSD had such bad reactivity to everything... His stress level was triggered by every thing he saw, then I would get stressed and prepared for the worst whenever I saw one of his triggers. A continuous cycle and I didn't know how to break it.


I knew John previously from puppy classes and when I found out John offered private sessions, I took a chance and had him work with my Rory.


It has made a world of difference and Rory's quality of life has opened up and its so much fun to walk together. Whenever he does something admirable, I say to him, "John would be so proud!" And Rory's positively beams with confidence!


- Kathy

John was a positive, thoughtful, and patient trainer.

John is amazing with animals! We have a 90lb catahoula who is “wild” ( to say the least) and he has given us lots of help and a path forwards that works well for our family!


He is amazing and flexible and kind! Also very COVID safe!


- Brittany

25 - Chief  Brittany.jpeg
26 - Pepper  Michael Touch copy.png

John did an absolutely wonderful job with our dog Pepper. Frankly, he gave us back a sense of normalcy.


We rescued Pepper from a kill shelter down south and unfortunately this shelter was very abusive. Pepper was riddled with anxiety and aggression because of her past. John’s knowledge and patience really turned her around. He taught us ways to reduce her anxiety and increase her confidence.


Before John we could not have guests over because of Pepper’s issues, now we are happy to report that is a problem of the past! Thanks John!


- Michael

Had great training sessions with John!


He’s always patient and came up with creative and effective ways to help my dog Wally with his reactivity issues!


- Chiya

27 - Wally  Chiya.jpg
28 - Bristol  Carol.jpg

I highly recommend John as a top-notch dog trainer. He is very patient and positive and my dog responded very well to him and his training methods.


He is especially successful with dogs that are fearful and reactive, and these issues can be very challenging.


But I learned from John not to give up hope, and that these behaviors can be improved upon and solved over time through consistent and positive training.


- Carol

John gave us tools to teach Cooper polite walking plus recall games.


His energy is contagious and his connection with our dog was genuine.


- Helen

29 - CooperHelen.jpeg
30 - Señor Riley  Charlene_edited.jpg

I have had the pleasure of working with John for the past four years. He has taken me thru agility, rally, dog dance and dog tricks. We have earned three titles and working on a couple more!


The journey has been rewarding and gratifying even with the ups and downs. He makes every class special. Without John's calm nature and dedication I would have never been able to train my reactive Sheltie!


Thank you so much for the journey making me the trainer I am!


- Charlene

John is very patient and calm. I have a young, high energy Dalmatian who is over enthusiastic about almost everything.


We’ve been working with John to redirect some unwanted behaviors and have made good progress.


Highly recommend John if you and your dog need help. He’s reliable, professional and easy to work with, plus he came to our home for sessions which was fantastic.


- Michelle

32 - Piper  Heather.jpeg

John was really great to have for our pup. She was getting out of control and growing fast and strong and we needed direction.


John helped us establish simple commands to start with and gave us homework and basics to do on our own as well. She learned quickly and was eager to do whatever John asked of her.


He’s great with our dog, professional, kind and very understanding.


I’m so glad we used John and highly recommend him to anyone that needs a dog trainer. Definitely would use again.


- Heather

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