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Meet the Dog Monday - Jack the Westie

Jack the Westie is small in stature, with a gigantic personality. He’s just a puppy - only 12 weeks when we started training - but he throws his body into everything he does, letting you know he’s 100% in. His human, Dave, gets this and challenges him with new thinking projects all the time.

Jack’s issues, in the beginning, were reliable recall and potty training. He didn’t know how to let Dave know he had to go outside, so we taught Jack to press a button with his foot that announces, “Jack wants to go outside!” loud enough to be heard throughout the house.

Dave told me, “I think he’s abusing the button - he presses it even when he doesn’t have to potty! I think we’ve created a monster!”

I replied, “The button doesn’t say anything about pottying. It just says he wants to go outside. He’s communicating pretty well!” We both laughed.

Jack’s recalls now are amazing. If he hears the word “touch” he runs over and touches your hand with his nose. If he hears his recall word, “BACON!” he races over and sits in front of you. It’s so much fun to watch him learn and work. He’s also walking politely on a leash, and learning to do weaves between Dave’s legs when he walks.

Jack is such a funny, sweet, clever dog!

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