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"Duncan, help!"

Most dogs are happier and more focused when they have jobs to do, so we decided to give Duncan a job. Duncan is a Cavalier King Charles mix, who likes to bark at people who walk by the house, or any sound that he might hear outside. Having a new job might keep him focused, and out of trouble.

We decided that Duncan could help his human mom, Amanda, by picking objects up off of the floor and handing them to her. Amanda has a small (human) child, whom she is often carrying, and it would be so convenient if Duncan could lend a helping hand.

We started out with a piece of rope, rewarding him for just putting his teeth on the rope. Then holding the rope, and then rewarding him for putting it into Amanda’s hand. Duncan learned this so fast! within 15 minutes, he was picking up the rope when Amanda asked for “help,” and putting it into her hand. 

I can’t wait to find out how many new things Duncan will pick up and give to Amanda. It’s so much fun to watch our dogs think and learn!

Good boy, Duncan!

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