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Meet the Dog Monday - Pilot the Corgi

Pilot is a very active and curious four-year-old Corgi.  When Hailey and Sean adopted her a couple months ago, they knew it was meant to be,  just from her name – Sean is an airline pilot! Pilot needed practice being cool around other dogs and animals, walking politely, and also greeting guests. 

Now a corgi is a dog who needs jobs to be happy and focused, so we started finding her little jobs to do around the house. She learns so fast, and Hailey, who is a stay at home dog mom right now, is such a patient, consistent, good teacher. We worked on foundation behaviors and focus exercises, sending her to lie down on her bed, and then stays and polite walking. Pilot enjoys learning, and never gets tired.

We’re working on dog tricks now, and Pilot is doing nose touches to a target, and learning to put her toys into a box. She is doing such a great job walking that Hailey started polite walking her while riding a horse! Pilot calmly walks beside the horse (on leash), checks back with Hailey, and knows to keep the proper distance. Amazing! She’s SO smart, and loves to please. 

Hailey and Sean want to be able to take Pilot everywhere, but when they told me that they got her a backpack - this isn’t what I was expecting to see!!!

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