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"Cheese!" Meet Baxter

Baxter is a very smart, independent lab mix. One of the issues that his human parents, Wendy and Carl, wanted to work on was the recall. They have a rather large back yard, and Baxter would see another dog or an animal outside the fence and bark at it, non-stop, ignoring all calls to quit barking or return to the house.  {Scroll down and click for the video.}

So we made a game with the recalls. “Come” was a word that had been overused and ignored, so we decided to try a new word. What’s a word that rings out… doesn’t sound like any other words… and you can’t help but smile when you say it…? 


We started working with “Cheese!” as a recall word – playing the game in the basement, the kitchen, and throughout the house. Then we worked outside with a long lead. Baxter loved the game. He’d race back to Carl or Wendy for a high level reinforcer (treat). We were creating muscle memory, and a reaction to race back to them when called.

Then one day I got a text from Wendy: Holy mackerel!!  The recall word of “cheese” worked 

Not even a hesitation to come back in!!

Love it! 

Here’s a video she sent of Baxter barking at the back fence:

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